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Hey, thanks for your interest in Terra Nova Creative! We’ve moved over to a newer, simpler, website and brand. You can find us at rorymccracken.com. You’ll be redirected there automatically in just a moment…

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M. Rory McCracken


Hi, call me Rory!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Want to get to know me a bit better before we work together? I’ve been building websites for over 10 years, and in that time have launched well over 100 websites. I’m passionate about web design, and specifically about helping my clients create or expand their online businesses. My specialties lie in Photoshop, WordPress, and CSS – which allows me to bridge the gap between the worlds of design and development. Because of that, I can bring a new website from concept to launch in a matter of weeks. While I mostly focus on web design these days, I’m also a passionate artist, and enjoy photography, video, digital art and music. I love to travel and see what the world has to offer, as well as what I can give back.

What I Do

These days, I specialize in WordPress sites that allow my clients to maintain their own blogs and websites, expanding their web presence as they see fit. My clients tell me I have an intuitive sense of their needs, as I’m able to find just the right aesthetic to represent their project, and incorporate the right features to make their website a success. I also offer graphic design services, whether print or digital, and a range of other digital media offerings. I run dozens of websites for my clients, as well as a few of my own: The Astrarium, and The Lotus Galaxy.

How To Work Together

Want to hire me? It’s easy to get a free quote and proposal! Check out the Create page to tell me a bit about your project and what you’d like my help with. There are a bunch of great reasons why you should hire me for your next project. Not only am I skilled and creative in design software like Photoshop and Illustrator, I also have years of experience in developing those ideas into fully-loaded WordPress websites. You get a designer and developer all in one. The icing on the cake? I’m incredibly reliable, fun to work with, and excited about your project. I’ll help you launch the winning site that takes your business even further than you thought it could go.