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Hey, thanks for your interest in Terra Nova Creative! We’ve moved over to a newer, simpler, website and brand. You can find us at rorymccracken.com. You’ll be redirected there automatically in just a moment…

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Graphic Design

Latest Projects

We built this sales page for Mat Auryn, a professional Tarot Reader and voice of The Astrarium. This page has it all, incredible graphics, engaging content, a simple but powerful sales process, a responsive design, and proven results – Mat sold dozens of readings through this site in a matter of weeks. This is a sales page that demands attention and isn’t easily forgotten. We look forward to designing more such pages this year – will you be next? Visit Mat Auryn Tarot Site

Did you know we design book covers, too? We jumped at the chance to design the book cover for author Christopher Penczak’s new book, Foundations of the Temple. The cover features an iron door inscribed with their logo, surrounded by a stone wall and encroached by holly and oak leaves. It was an honor to be a small part of Christopher’s new book, and we very much enjoyed working with Christopher and Steve on this piece.